Thursday, October 4, 2012

Falcon Down cover photo selected!


Tonight I wrote a check for the photograph that will adorn the front cover of Falcon Down. The photographer is Kris Klop, of Clear Sky Photography.

I ran across him several years ago, when I was trying to get my first novel published. I was looking for aviation pictures in particular, and located a guy who seemed to be getting pictures of high-performance aircraft from above, below, off to the side and inside, no matter what their attitude or altitude was.

Don’t know how he does it. I don’t know if he’s a daring wing-walker, or has a habit of bumming rides on tanker aircraft or the second seat of two-seaters, or what his secret is, but his photography is simply amazing. He captures airplanes up-close-and-personal. If you are an aviation-aholic, you need to see this web site.

Here's a sneak preview of the cover photo we have selected. It was a tough choice. I perused at least 400 photos while on vacation, and Doris and I made a list of top candidates. The others that were in the running include:
By the way, the Falcon series will consist of four volumes, and I already know that you’ll be seeing at least one of these on the cover of book 2, Falcon Rising.

I’ve got an ISBN for Falcon Down. I’ve started writing the back cover teaser. So look for the print-ready copy of the cover of Falcon Down in the next month or so! 

Though the book itself will not be ready for another six months, I’m really excited about the story. It’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat, and like Outlander Chronicles: Phoenix, it has plenty of unpredictable plot twists and turns.

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