Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tell me again why I should vote for Trump?

This little screed is addressed to the Trump Voter:

That the GOP party leaders are telling us to unite around Trump tells us something about the politics of the GOP leaders. You see, the GOP used to stand for something that was distinct from the Democratic Party: individual responsibility, small government, fiscal responsibility, and a strong defense. But when the leaders of the GOP can unite around a man who advocates at best—at best—only one of those positions, it tells me that the GOP leadership (and therefore the Party, for all practical purposes) has cast off its moorings and is adrift in the same post-modern soup occupied by the Democrats.

By what rational reason would I vote for a man who opposes everything I stand for? Let’s say I vote for him and he wins. Exactly what has the country gained? I’ll tell you: a liberal Democrat with an R after his name. If you trans-gender Hillary, you get something close to Trump.

Ahh, you say, but the judges! the Supreme Court! Don’t forget the Supreme Court! If Hillary gets in she will load the Court with libs that will do permanent damage, irreversible damage to the country.

Yes, she will. But maybe you should have thought about that a little earlier? Perhaps instead of bandwagoning with one of the most reprehensible characters to come down the pike since Machiavelli you should have been voting in the primaries for one of the people who had the character, the chops, the experience, the guts, worldview, the intelligence to actually uphold conservative Republican values. There were, after all, plenty of them.

Instead of indulging in Trump’s anger and triumphal bombast, why didn’t you take a close look at the man? It’s too late now. You’ve already jumped off the cliff, and dragged us along with you.

So, you think Trump will appoint better judges than Hillary? Why?
  • Is it because of the keen understanding he displays of the judiciary when he speaks of “judges signing bills?”
  • Is it because of his commitment to the Republican Party, as illustrated by his history of support of Democrats?
  • Is it because of his desire to protect the helpless, such as he has illustrated in his use of Eminent Domain?
  • Is it because of his commitment to stop special interests from buying politicians, as he illustrated in his contributions to Hillery, et al?
  • Is it because of his concern for the rule of law, as illustrated by his command of the US military to ignore the Geneva Convention?
  • Is it because of his concern for jobs for Americans, as illustrated by his properties, hotels, and other concerns importing foreign labor?
  • Is it because of his remarkable integrity and honesty, as illustrated by Trump University, and the myriad class-action lawsuits brought by people have been cheated?
  • Is it because of his incisive understanding of business and finance, as illustrated by his companies’ multiple bankruptcies?
  • Is it because of the consistency of his pro-life position, as illustrated by his support of Planned Parenthood?
  • Is it because of his consistent positions on small government, as illustrated by his ideas on healthcare?
  • Is it because of his great respect for women, as illustrated by his multiple marriages, shameless and open affairs, and so on?
  • And we could go on and on, but it shouldn’t be necessary if you are paying attention.

So, remind me again: on what grounds do you believe he will do better than Hillary? Or is it because he says he’s going to do “amazing things,” and “you’ll really be amazed” at all the “amazing things” he will do? Yes. I suspect you will be quite “amazed.” But perhaps not in a good way.


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